Writing Arabic. From Script To Type

  • Autor Moginet, Stefan
  • Editorial The American University in Cairo Press
  • Año 2010
  • Páginas 111
  • ISBN 978-977-416-292-3

24,95 € (IVA incluido)

This book, abundantly illustrated with examples of Arabic handwriting, calligraphy, and typography, clearly presents the development of Arabic writing styles, from the beginning with reed pens to twenty-first century computerized typesetting. The author explains the importance of writing instruments and the surfaces onto which letters are inscribed, including the particular challenges introduced with the innovation of the printing press, and later the computer. Arabic Writing will interest not only those interested in the extraordinary history of writing, but also graphic designers, calligraphers, and visual artists, enabling an understanding of the development of existing styles, and providing a foundation from which new logotypes and character fonts can be designed

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