Learn Arabic Letters

  • Autor Real World Peace
  • Editorial Authority Books
  • Año 2009
  • Páginas 168
  • ISBN 978-1-886275-02-7

10,00 € (IVA incluido)

hat Works--In 3 Weeks offers THE definitive course on learning the Arabic letters and their pronunciations. For servicemen, executives, interfaith initiatives, housewives, and children of all ages, this gentle book takes you by the hand and gives an advanced step-by-step system for actually learning the letters. Each letter gets its own distinctive pictures. Recall is increased to close to 100% after only a couple minutes of playful exercises per letter. The non-threatening, fun approach guarantees that people of all ages will want more, instead of running away in fear and frustration. Reading, writing, and pronunciation are all covered. This book is Week 1 of a 3-week course. It requires Weeks 2 and 3 in order to cover the entire alphabet. This book offers around 3-6 hours of learning material for one university week or two gradeschool weeks. Suitable for self-study in the home or out in the field as well. If you've bought other courses and failed, you'll want to come back to this one. Or if this is your first time learning Arabic, you'll want to go ahead and get this course right away

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